The company

MediaFiler originated in 2001 as a university project, a CMS application called SiteForce for managing a website sharing research information online, between the Universities Kampen in Holland and Princeton in the USA. In the early days it was all about speed – search speed.

The quest for speed was now the basis for further post-university development by the Dutch team, who realised that display speed – delivering the images on screen – was key to success. The only way to achieve all their new goals was to start again from scratch and so MediaFiler was born. After a number of years of continuous development and testing in parallel with other commercial systems, MediaFiler by Wedomedia B.V. launched commercially late 2009.

The product

MediaFiler is a cross-platform, browser accessed, Digital Asset Management (DAM) system with the ability to manage and display hundreds of file types. MediaFiler is distinguished from other DAM systems as it is designed as a content management system (CMS) ensuring both rapid deployment and the ability to change functionality and appearance instantly.

MediaFiler is recognised for its speed, indeed it can manage many millions of files with no loss of speed.

The CMS design approach has major client advantages, not least reliability and ease of configuration and upgrade.

We developed a number of ready-made solutions for specific target groups, including healthcare, education, and marketing communications departments. Of course, we can always adjust our image database software so that the system meets the needs of the organisation.

A DAM good team!

The MediaFiler team consists of experienced DAM professionals who will help you find a solution to managing all your digital media.

We’d like to introduce ourselves to you!