The smart brand portal for the marketers of educational establishments.

In educational establishments, digital media files are seldom held in a central location. The primary purpose of MediaFiler is centralising files. The next step is controlling access rights, use, monitoring, integration with existing systems and GDPR protection.

Extensive experience in Digital Media Management for Education.

The structure and features for an image library for education are based on the needs and specific requirements of educational institutions. For example, the possibility to integrate the Moodle virtual learning environment plugin. The system also offers the opportunity for a SURFconext link. Taxonomy specific to the educational sector is integrated into the system. We work closely with, national and international universities to make our image library for education more effective.

Clients with an image library for Education

Mediabank voor Onderwijs Fontys MediaFiler
Mediabank voor Onderwijs MediaFiler HAS Hogeschool
Image Library For Education
Image Library For Education
Mediabank voor het Onderwijs Universiteit Twente MediaFiler
Mediabank voor het Onderwijs Zadkine MediaFiler
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  • Plugin for electronic learning environment (VLE) such as Moodle
  • Single Sign On / Active Directory login
  • Separate archives possible by faculty / department
  • Developed in collaboration with universities and colleges
  • Developed for marketing communications professionals
  • Corporate identity / brand management (brand portal)

This is just a small sample of all the possibilities and options offered by MediaFiler. Also, check Services to see how you can integrate our digital asset management software in your organisation.

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Regardless of the length of the contract you select, the following is always included:


Unlimited users

100 GB storage (expansion at request)

No setup or installation costs

No data costs

Free online training

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