HAS University

The University’s Corporate Communications Department manages the image archive and allocates staff, students, researchers and press with the appropriate permissions to access and use the media. Naturally they can track the usage of the media and set the right scientific vocabularies so everyone can find what they need and use it fast.


The different University faculties collaborate within a single MediaFiler image library. The Corporate Marketing and Communications Department controls access and user rights, manages the distribution and keeps the content up to date.They manage their complete corporate identity with the brand management software.


The image library is managed by the Corporate Communications Department with an easy to navigate library structured on the courses offered. All images are shown for initial general viewing with an electronic watermark. Either users log in to obtain media or use one of the in-built request methods available in the MediaFiler brand portal to receive material from the college.

University of Twente

MediaFiler was selected to manage the Universities media files. When you consider that many other Digital Asset Management solutions from the USA and Europe were all tested and evaluated by Twente’s IT department – considered by many to be the best in Holland – we are justifiably proud that Twente, the Information Technology University selected our product, MediaFiler.