Agency One – as its name implies, is the number one photographic news agency in Chile and depends on MediaFiler 24/7, 365.

Agencia Uno is the leading Chilean news photo agency, specializing in images of national news, politics, sports, business and entertainment. Agencia Uno is also the largest provider of Chilean football images worldwide. Naturally a national agency of this magnitude runs 24 hours a day, with both staff photographers and freelancers constantly uploading new material via MediaFiler and an in-house team of staff and editors, at times 20 or 30 people, all checking, captioning, selecting and re-transmitting photographs using MediaFiler, not just to their news feeds all over South America but also to their sales agents around the world.

There are only two DAM criteria for a news agency – speed and reliability – and MediaFiler delivers both.

Thanks to MediaFiler, Agencia Uno has started a new service which is still unique in Chile by also offering video news clips, all easily managed by their MediaFiler system.