Eindhoven is the fifth-largest city of the Netherland with around 221,000 inhabitants. Much of its growth is due to industrial giants such as Philips, DAF Trucks and Brabantia.
The City of Eindhoven required a digital asset management solution to manage all their digital media. They also required just one system to cover all their different sectors. Eindhoven selected MediaFiler, safe in the knowledge it can easily handle millions of files.

A single MediaFiler is now used by many different city departments, including the media communications department, sports and leisure departments, historical and cultural departments – even the Van Abbemuseum.

This represents a massive cost saving to the City. One single solution rather than each department maintaining their own DAM software. They also use a Geographic Information System (GIS) to display, place or link images from within MediaFiler to specific geographical locations.

Finally, there is even a publicly accessible part of their MediaFiler to view and browse photographs; some may be downloaded directly, others are subject to approval via the inbuilt request system.