The University of Twente is the leading scientific and technology university of Holland. Over 9000 talented students benefit from the knowledgeable and inspiring staff. Together, 3,300 scientists and professionals carry out ground-breaking research, delivering innovative solutions, many that go on to be developed commercially.

The campus is home to around 100 businesses, including student-run businesses. The University of Twente is recognised as an entrepreneurial university and to date has generated more than 700 successful spin-off companies.

MediaFiler was selected to manage the Universities media files. When you consider that many other Digital Asset Management solutions from the USA and Europe were all tested and evaluated by Twente’s IT department – considered by many to be the best in Holland – we are justifiably proud that Twente, the Information Technology University selected our product, MediaFiler.

A large part of the university’s photography is free for student / staffs downloads and other sections are open to the public. The open archive has been specifically configured to look and feel the same as the university website and offers not only photographs but other media too. The Corporate Marketing and Communications department has additional private archives, managing corporate marketing and brand media. Design agencies and external freelance photographers collaborate with the university through the simple sharing of secure linked albums in MediaFiler as part of the universities use of workflows within MediaFiler.