Need help to transfer your existing archive?

Need to preserve existing data?

If your organisation has a large collection of digital files to be archived, but presently you’ve no real idea of exactly what you have. You have no real idea of the types of files, the duplicates, whether any are captioned with metadata or how and the quality of the files.

Sure, you can put everything in the media library and hope to sort it out later but that fails to sort out the problem.

We can help you plan a structured transfer to ensure you get the best out of MediaFiler.


Existing image library

Already have an existing photo library or some sort of structure on your server drives. We’ve done this many times and can provide an audit of your current system to ensure the preservation of associated information. We are knowledgeable of how other DAM systems work so in a position to assist you.

Export/import Metadata

Perhaps there is already information about the digital files archived in a spreadsheet or a database program and naturally we all you want to keep this information, because it will save a lot of work.

We can help you migrate your data from:

  • Excel
  • Access/Filemaker
  • Metadata IPTC/XMP
  • XML
  • Ascii text (CSV, tab, etc.)
  • Other, please contact us to discuss the possibilities
  • Import

    Information stored in folder structure and/or file name

    We have the software and knowledge to convert your existing archive to MediaFiler software while preserving existing information.

    Even with the very basic naming conventions of directories, folders and files there is often valuable and useful information to start with. MediaFiler can automatically import the hierarchy of the directory structure to metadata fields. If the file name also contains information, for example, “year-topic-place.jpg” MediaFiler can import this into three metadata fields.

    For more information, please feel free to contact us.