Why choose hosting by MediaFiler?

The advantages of hosting by MediaFiler

Over 80% of our customers choose a hosted Mediafiler. The cost benefits, no additional tasks for the IT department and always running on the latest version of the software are just a few reasons why our customers choose hosting by MediaFiler.

Read all about the advantages of a hosted MediaFiler and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Safe and secure data centre

Safety precautions

The data is securely stored in our data centers in Apeldoorn at ITB2, one of the most reliable and respected Dutch IT services companies.

The MediaFiler application servers and local backup are located in the Apeldoorn Data Centre (NL), the standby servers and offsite backups in Deventer Data Centre (NL).

Quality & security

As you would expect from a company like ITB2 they offer the latest Internet security, emergency power generators and Internet feeds. Additionally, ITB2 meets the requirements of the international standards NEN 7510, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Support by the developers

Constant improvements, always up-to-date

With a hosting solution, our team will configure, customise and quickly deploy your MediaFiler, then monitor and maintain your MediaFiler to ensure it is running efficiently. Automatic updates occur seamlessly, your digital assets are backed up twice: daily and weekly.

New features

We are constantly developing MediaFiler to meet a changing market, improving the software and ensuring it is one of the fastest DAM systems in the world. With a hosted version of MediaFiler, you always have the latest version; you can immediately use new features.

Software as a Service


Increasingly more organisations are selecting hosted solutions – known as Software as a Service (SaaS) – due to the considerable business advantages. SaaS applications are available on any computer or device at any time. SaaS means lower initial costs, and being internet-based a lower learning curve.


With MediaFiler, everything is included in a fixed monthly fee. That includes MediaFiler’s experts. Who better, to manage the IT infrastructure, software, and software upgrades. No additional expense for your IT department and ideal for smaller organisations with no IT departments. We manage security, performance and increase your storage space as your needs grow.

Privately owned servers

MediaFiler hosts and stores all your data on our own servers, not rented cloud storage. The advantages are tighter security, total control over the server, a server designed for the job and faster physical access by our own engineers.

Cost effective

Monthly fee

No capital expenditure, no upfront costs, no internal server structure and simple inclusive monthly fees are just some outstanding cost benefits of selecting a hosted solution.

Always up-to-date

One of the major advantages of any hosted solution is that we know our software inside out, far exceeding the knowledge of your own IT department. Upgrades are automatic – in the case of MediaFiler, normally without any disruption of service – you always have the latest version of MediaFiler together with all new features instantly rolled out and available for use.

Economies of scale

The detailed knowledge and economies of scale ensure we can offer attractive prices and if you have a problem or require a change to your MediaFiler – simply talk to one of our experts who can answer your question or re-configure your MediaFiler instantly.

Confidential storage and access

You are in control

Users (your clients) only see what you want them to see. MediaFiler is used by government departments, law enforcement agencies and medical organisations where controlled access to personal data is paramount. It’s not just personal data that is at risk, in the commercial, retail and fashion sectors, for example, any leak in security could spell financial disaster.

MediaFiler is secure

Our team works with you on the security settings to ensure that files are only accessible to your authorized users. Your file access is protected down to individual level if necessary!

Fast connections


To ensure high speed access to your MediaFiler, our Data Centre is connected to the Internet Backbone – so it is very, very fast!

The data centre has multiple connections, so should one connection fail, the data centre will automatically switch to a secondary connection, providing you with uninterrupted access.

Up and running fast

Ready to go

Another advantage of a hosted MediaFiler is that you can be up and running within a few days – unnecessary to wait for your IT department read the instructions, run a test and then roll out a trial version of the software while they get the hang of how it works.

Super-fast upload

Once we set up MediaFiler to your specifications; you can instantly upload about a thousand images/files an hour and start using your MediaFiler.

MediaFiler is green

Efficient by design

MediaFiler’s software is energy efficient by design, thereby using less power, producing less heat so requiring less cooling. Resources are only used by individual archives when required and can be set from constant to every 24 hours, depending on individual archive content, without compromising service quality.

Green energy

We selected our own energy supplier to deliver ‘green’ energy and purchase servers with very low power consumption. In selecting our Data Centre we took into consideration their environmental policy.