Connect the MediaFiler image library with your other software

MediaFiler easily integrates with your office and mobile applications and software. We highlight below just some of the ways MediaFiler assists organisations work more efficiently. If you need something else, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A connection with your Content Management System (CMS) gives you access to your photos, videos, documents and presentations to use directly on your website. Do you want to know how MediaFiler can connect with your CMS? Please contact us.

Apple and Android Apps

Busy working 24/7 or away from your office? Connect directly to MediaFiler with mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or iPads. Browse and download files on the move, upload captioned images complete with geographical (GPS) data using the MediaFiler Mobile client app.

Want to know how to integrate MediaFiler Apps into your workflow? Please contact us. Your MediaFiler administrator will advise you if you need to download this app.


MediaFiler connects to mapping and geographic information systems to place, link or displays your files to specific geographical locations. MediaFiler can also receive geographically or Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates to insert into files.

If we can map out a connection for you, please contact us.

Single Sign On (SSO)

MediaFiler embraces Single Sign On (SSO). Work faster with SSO, you no longer need to remember passwords to log into each individual application within your organisation.

MediaFiler works with all major SSO versions such as LDAP, Active Directory and Federation Gateways. Can we help you work faster?


Major benefits of MediaFiler are the in-built distribution options, helping users “deliver” their media. Permitted users can email files directly from within MediaFiler with or without download links as if the e-mail had come directly from the users desk. You can also set up address books and groups. Reports identify any downloads from e-mails.

For security, download links have an expiry period. Other users, particular News Agencies and Multi-Nationals require FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to pump out images to masses of publications, newspapers, broadcast, or PR sites.

The built-in MediaFiler FTP server acts as a distribution manager and connects on demand or to your pre-set FTP targets. Social Media share buttons are all part of MediaFiler that can be used if permitted. And then finally you can use MediaFilers built-in workflows to link directly to your preferred distribution software. For more information please contact us.

Open Connectivity (API, XML, ODBC, FTP)

MediaFiler takes full advantage of international standard data connections such as the Application Programming Interface (API), Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) allowing MediaFiler to communicate with many different systems, enhancing user experience.

MediaFiler can both receive and transmit – distribute – files via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). You can use other applications and programs to link into MediaFiler to perform searches and retrieve and manipulate assets. If you would like to know more about MediaFiler’s connectivity options, please contact us.


The driving force behind MediaFiler is Workflows. The ability to add, remove, manipulate, check, accept, reject and correct both image and metadata automatically. Workflows can resize and crop images, change the colour space for the print process, or auto enhance colour – a bit like a colour factory.

Workflows can also move, export or import files from A to B, to internal modules or external applications. Workflow automation can be scheduled, activated manually or as part of a process, such as a upload, and is both a massive time saver but also ensures fail safe consistency and standards.

Many Digital Asset Management solutions rely on third party software to manage these tasks, with MediaFiler it’s all built in and managed centrally. If we can speed up your workflow, please contact us.


A connection with a Web2Publish service gives you (and/or your designers and publishers) full access to your media collection. You can quickly select and edit the photos you want to use in your publication.

Want to know how to connect MediaFiler with your Web2Publish software? Please contact us.