We do a little more

You can rely on us for projects in the field of digital asset management, you probably already knew that. But did you know that we also provide project management? We coordinate the project from start to finish, in close consultation with a designated person within the company.

Action Plan

The project starts with an action plan which describes the steps needed to produce a particular product. Steps can include an inventory of the wishes of users / employees, integrating existing programs or create new links and set permissions for each employee.

After drawing up the action plan, all steps will be executed. Meanwhile, we keep close contact with the customer, constantly communicating with the designated contact person. Once in a while, we consult with the client to discuss outstanding issues and to put the icing on the cake. During these meetings also agreed on a target, test or completion date.


But the project does not end with a completion date, followed by a very important part: aftercare. The customer always has the opportunity to ask questions. The customer can call, email or visit, which for both parties is most convenient. And again, there is room for finishing touches.

During a project, we want to unburden the customer as much as possible. Of course, the customer has to provide crucial information and sort out some issues but the infrastructure is provided by us and delivered in bite-size pieces. The important thing is that the customer sits down at his computer at the end of the project and think, “Wow, everything works and the system does exactly what we had in mind!” Then, for us, the project is a success.