Learning to work with MediaFiler

MediaFiler software is both intuitive and extremely user-friendly. General users will not really need training to search, view and obtain files. Editors and Administrators may benefit from a short training course to learn the tips and tricks to working with MediaFiler.
We’ll quickly help you to become familiar with the software. After all, you’ll get the best out of our software when everyone uses the system as efficiently as possible.

In addition to on-site training, we also offer the opportunity for online training. This way, employees from other locations and/or countries can participate.


Bespoke Training Courses

We will devise training workshops to meet your specific company requirements with Question and Answer sessions and run back to back courses in a single day.

Inquire about the possibilities. You can also apply directly for a course or workshop.


Applies to all courses:
Up to 5 people per training session or a maximum of 8 people at a workshop.

Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions
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User Training

User training is mainly focused on how to search and find files, download different sizes, bulk download, email distribution and how the ordering process works. Other options such as uploading (if present in the media library for the user group) will be covered.

  • Level: Basic computer skills
  • Duration: 2 hours
Administrator Training

For administrators. A look behind the scenes. What additional options are available? Creating and managing users and access, using workflows, see just how much automation can be set in MediaFiler. Deleting and moving files.

  • Level: Editors Training
  • Duration: 2 hours
Editors Training

Editors will benefit from this training session covering the editorial needs and processes. Uploading and how to set upload criteria for internal and external colleagues. How to manage user and archive permissions, using the reviewing filters, adding and editing metadata, setting up quick lists, keywords and markers. The advantage of shortcuts built into MediaFiler.

How to select files and images, move them to different sections of the media library, understanding how to set up private, user or public collections. Sending invitations and shares. Use of the social media options and permalinks. Sending files using the built in email, with and without download permissions. Managing orders, approvals and linking consent forms to images.

Customers using the MarCom or other themes will be given specific training for their version of MediaFiler. All courses will include a brief overview of what options are available with MediaFiler.

  • Level: Editorial skills and computer savvy
  • Duration: 4 hours
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[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”#ff6600″ bg_color=”#ffe7d9″]Working with Assets[/dt_highlight]

This instructor lead workshop revolves round your own image library. Selecting images, videos and other files to be included in your media library. This practical hands-on workshop takes you through the process from upload to distribution.

  • Level: Editors Training
  • Duration: 2-4 hours
[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”#ff6600″ bg_color=”#ffe7d9″]Metadata in Practice[/dt_highlight]

Metadata is the backbone of an image bank. Vitally important that the files are provided in the right format and that there is a planned structure for adding metadata. This practical workshop discusses the various methods of selecting and adding metadata.  How to automate the addition of metadata too.  Finally we look at automating file acceptance and rejection criteria and the different metadata for each file type.

  • Level: Editors Training
  • Duration: 2-4 hours

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